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Vermont Databases

Vermont Soil Interpretative Information  - Soil Attribute Data - Databases & Reports

There is a wide array of sources for electronic soil attribute data within the NRCS. Soil databases and information are managed and delivered by many independent systems, only some of which are integrated. This page is intended to summarize what electronic attribute data sources exist  - for Vermont. Some users may require the data in report format, whereas, others may want the actual database itself.

Map of the United StatesThe information below is for Vermont data.
For a summary of  National data    -- click here ->


Vermont-SpecificMap of Vermont Attribute Data:

Description of data:

Top 20

- database tables as dbf files
User-friendly database tables by county, containing a collection of some of the most commonly used soil attributes. This data was created in response to user's difficulties in using the myriad SSURGO standard data tables which involve complex linkages, one-to-many relationships and extensive understanding of the structure / logic of the database.

>>Top20 data is for GIS users who want a single condensed table with one-to-one relationships between soil attributes and the soil labels found in the SSURGO maps.

See Vermont Center for Geographic Information Web site to download the Top 20 Tables 
file with updated definitions  (PDF; 118 KB)

eFOTG Section II

- reports in Adobe Acrobat.pdf format


The Electronic Field Office Tech Guide - Section II is the primary scientific reference within NRCS for Soil and Site Information. By navigating this site users can find reports for Prime Farmland, Hydric soils and On-Site Septic ratings.

>> This data is for users who want thematic reports listing mapunits.

Field Office Technical Guide

Hint: this site can be hard to navigate! ... ... on the left choose "View FOTG Application" - then click Vermont on the US map; then click any random county in Vermont on the next map; then on the far left expand "Section II" then expand "A - Soils Information"; then pick the County or Statewide report of your choice

The Important Farmland Classifications have been updated as of Sept. 2005. Please download the latest ratings from eFOTG. 
 List of Revisions by County for Imp. Farmland (PDF; 248 KB)

Vermont Soil Fact Sheets

- reports in Adobe  Acrobat .pdf format

There is a separate soils fact sheet for every map unit listed on the legend for each county. These fact sheets have been developed to summarize in a succinct report format some of the most relevant soil information, by map unit.

>> This data is for users who want in-depth information on each map unit individually.

Please note: the FTP site is no longer operational due to system integrity concerns

What is on a Fact Sheet? (PDF; 296KB)

To obtain Soil Fact Sheets in hard copy or on CD, contact the Soil Resource Scientist -Thom Villars

​Additionally, you can access the Fact Sheets from the Vermont Natural Resources Atlas 

Instructions for VT ANR Atlas - to obtain Fact Sheets