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Technical Service Providers Overview

Technical Service Providers

Visit the NRCS National TSP Website

Learn more about TSPs, including:  

  • Learn what a TSP is and what type of work a TSP can do,
  • TSPs can find several resources including training opportunities and other technical resources,
  • Individuals and Businesses can become a TSP.
  • Landowners looking for assistance can find a TSP.
  • NEW! Vermont Conservation Activity Plan 106, Forestry, Fact Sheets
  • NEW! Consent to Release or Receive Info for NRCS Program Participation NRCS-CPA-1270 Form. Consistent with all applicable statues, regulations, and policies, NRCS may disclose info to or receive info from a third party when a landowner, producer, or program participant provides written info to be disclosed or received. Third parties who wish to access a producer's NRCS records should be aware of this form. For those third parties with existing access under an older form or letter, those permissions remain valid until expired or revoked by the landowner.  

TSP Certification Requirements:

Certification Requirements for technical categories of TSP work:  Technical Service Categories and Criteria Options for Certification

Certification Requirements for writing Conservation Activity Plans:  Technical Service CAP and Criteria Options for Certification

NEW! Soil Health Basics for NRCS Technical Service Providers (TSPs)”- A national course will be hosted on April 27-29, 2021, focused on certification of Technical Service Providers to write NRCS soil health management system plans through Conservation Activity Plans 116 (CAP 116). This course is for Technical Service Providers, Certified Crop Advisors, Conservationists, SWCD Employees and others wishing to become Technical Service Providers certified for CAP 116. You can view more details, including the agenda, here. REGISTER FOR THE 3-day course here.