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Agricultural Management Assistance Program Overview

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 Sign up for AMA funds today! Applications are received throughout the year. However, NRCS has established a DECEMBER 31, 2021 deadline to consider applications for funding in 2022.   

The Agricultural Management Assistance Program (AMA) helps agricultural producers use conservation to manage risk and address natural resource issues through natural resources conservation. NRCS administers the AMA conservation provisions, while the Agricultural Marketing Service and the Risk Management Agency implement other provisions under AMA.

What's New in AMA?

Adjusted gross income (AGI) requirements apply.  The AGI limitation is now set at $900,000.

For 2022, Vermont's AMA priorities include high tunnels and irrigation practices.


Producers receive conservation technical and financial assistance to construct or improve water management or irrigation structures, and/or a seasonal high tunnel.

Persons or legal entities cannot receive more than $50,000 in AMA program payments per fiscal year.


AMA is available in 16 states where participation in the Federal Crop Insurance Program is historically low.

Persons and legal entities who receive payments under the AMA program are subject to the Adjusted Gross Income limitation provisions.  All participants must agree to implement and maintain conservation practices for the life of the practice.

Eligible land includes agricultural land, nonindustrial private forest land or other land on which agricultural products, livestock, or forest-related products are produced and where risk may be mitigated by diversifying the operation or adding conservation practices that support soil erosion control, integrated pest management and organic farming.

How to Apply

Visit your local USDA Service Center to apply or visit

AMA Application form is available on eForms

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.

Practices and Payment Rates are available on the Payment Schedules Webpage

Practice List for the AMA RMA Ranking Pool

2022 AMA Ranking Criteria

PLEASE NOTE: Practices started or completed before NRCS signs the contract are not eligible for payments, in accordance with program regulation and the Conservation Program Contract (CPC) appendix. Starting a practice or engaging the services of a technical service provider (TSP) before the contract is approved by NRCS renders an applicant ineligible for payment unless a waiver has been granted by the State Conservationist. Requests for a waiver to this provision must be made in writing. Waivers may be considered, provided that the practice was not started when the waiver application is made.

Electronic application filing is available through the Electronic Government website.

VT NRCS Office Locations and Contact Information

AMA Information (National NRCS Website)

Heather Wetzstein , Resource Conservationist

Vermont NRCS Farm Bill Homepage