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Vermont NRCS Special Emphasis Programs

Several individuals within Vermont NRCS serve as Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPMs) in order to assist in insuring that equal opportunity is present in all aspects of NRCS programs and services. The SEPMs assist the State Conservationist identify underrepresentation in employment and program delivery and ensure positive actions are being taken to address any problem areas.

SEPMs assist with and conduct program outreach activities by working with NRCS employees and directly with underserved customers to create an awareness and understanding of all programs, benefits and services available to through NRCS and USDA. The SEPMs' charge is to assist the agency staff in conducting its business in such a manner that underserved communities have information and choice regarding full participation.

Vermont's Special Emphasis Program (SEP) Managers and Websites

Manager Special Emphasis Program and Website Phone Email

Carla Fenner

Asian American/Pacific Islander

802-775-8034  ext 26

Corey Brink

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender

802-527-1269 ext. 118

Jonathan Barczyk


802-775-8034 ext. 21

Kate Teale

American Indian/Alaska Native

802-388-6748 ext. 31

Sylvia Harris (acting)


802-295-7942 ext. 20

Sylvia Harris (acting)

Federal Women's

802-295-7942 ext. 20

James Wood


802-951-6795 ext. 235