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Mimmy Arnstein

Mimmy Arnstein

Mimmy Arnstein:


I�m Mimmy Arnstein and I farm here at Well Spring Farm. We�ve got about five acres of organic vegetables, flowers, herbs and cover crops. And I�ve been farming here for six years now. I first came to Vermont to farm because it was my impression that Vermont was the kind of state that really would support small-scale agriculture, and indeed I�m happy to find out that my impression was right. We sell produce to our community through community supported agriculture. Every week we give 130 families a share of the harvest, and that�s a share of what�s coming out of the fields that very week.


When I came to Vermont I knew that I wanted to grow food for the community. For our size farm it isn�t efficient or really economically viable for us to ship produce down to Washington or Boston . We�ve got to grow very intensively on our five acres and sell as locally as we can. It�s a big plus for me to know the people that our eating our food each week. And one of the things we really focus on at Well Spring Farm is really creating an experience for people who come to the farm so that they connect with the land that their food is coming from.


From the start NRCS, and in particular Bruce Chapell, have been very helpful to establishing a sustainable farm here. Right from the beginning when we were looking at the property, one of our first stops was to the NRCS office where we looked over soil maps and soil types, talked with the folks who worked there, discussed what kind of crops and what kind of methods would work best on our soil.


So NRCS came out to discuss installing tile drainage on our property because a lot of our soil is not as well drained as we would like it to be. They did all of the engineering work and the site assessment to map out where the tile would go and then helped us talk with the folks that actually did the physical work and oversaw that. At this point we�ve got a good three acres that have been tiled and it has absolutely changed the nature of our soil. This farm is so much better because of the work that we were able to do with NRCS� help.


If folks know that NRCS is out there and folks know more about what NRCS can do for them, they�re an indispensible tool to help farmers maximize the potential that their land offers, while also thinking about the environment and taking care of the environment.