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Vermont Civil Rights Committee

Vermont Joint NRCS & FSA Civil Rights Advisory Committee

The Vermont Civil Rights Advisory Committee advises the NRCS State Conservationist and FSA State Executive Director in employment and program delivery issues by:

  • Identifying and bringing to management attention any trends, problems, issues and concerns related to employment and program delivery.
  • Monitoring recruitment practices and making recommendations for ensuring that underrepresented groups are made aware of opportunities for employment.
  • Acting as a forum for an exchange of ideas and action proposals on sensitive issues, matters, or concerns of an Equal Employment Opportunity nature.

Vermont Civil Rights Advisory Committee Members

Operating Guidelines of the Vermont Civil Rights Committee-Revised December 2015

  1. The Committee membership shall be composed of twelve (12) employees, who will represent NRCS and FSA. Seven NRCS employees will serve as Special Emphasis Program Managers (including Hispanic, Black, LGBT, Disability/Veteran, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian American/Pacific Islander, and Federal Women). One FSA employee will serve as a Special Emphasis Program Manager.  Two at-large members will represent both NRCS & FSA.  Advisors to the Committee shall consist of Outreach Coordinators for both NRCS and FSA.
  2. The membership of the Committee shall (to the extent practicable) consist of a diverse cross-section of all employees, including by grade, work assignment, office assignment and geographic location within the state.
  3. CRAC members will serve three year terms on a rotating basis. If a member leaves prior to the end of their term a replacement will be appointed by the State Conservationist and/or State Executive Director. Vacancies will be filled by requests for volunteers; or, lacking volunteers, by Committee recommendation to the State Conservationist and State Executive Director. Member terms begin and end with the fiscal year.
  4. Leadership of the committee will consist of a Chair and Co-chair, with the one-year position to rotate yearly between NRCS and FSA, or as agreed.
  5. The committee will meet quarterly on dates selected by the Chair in consultation with the State Conservationist, State Executive Director, Committee members and advisors.  The Chair will notify all NRCS & FSA employees of the meeting dates via email.
  6. The Chair, in consultation with the State Conservationist and State Executive Director, may call special meetings.
  7. A recorder will be selected by the Chair to record meeting minutes for distribution to Committee members and advisors. The assignment of recorder will be rotated among Committee members.
  8. Decisions will be reached through consensus. If the Committee cannot reach consensus, the decision will be by a majority vote of full Committee members.
  9. The Chair shall notify committee members when there are confidential issues that are to be addressed.
  10. At the beginning of the fiscal year, the CRAC shall submit a training plan and budget to the State Conservationist and State Executive Director.
  11. SEPMs will submit a budget and operating plan through the Committee to the State Conservationist and State Executive Director annually at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  12. Committee related collateral duties will be added to employee job descriptions and/or performance work plan for Committee members and SEPMs.