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EQIP Hard at Work

EQIP Hard at Work | Vermont NRCS

  EQIP Hard at Work in Vermont

East Hill Farm in Plainfield, Vermont.








Next year, the NRCS-administered Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) contract for the East Hill Farm in Plainfield, Vermont, will expire. But not before the two-family owned operation will become the first horse farm in Vermont to receive a Conservation Farm of the Year award.


Co-owners, Bill and Kathy Moulton and Cornelius and Ginette Hogan, who board between 25 and 35 horses at East Hill, can point with pride to an impressive array of conservation practices they installed during the 5-year EQIP contract period which began in 1999.

Among the contracted conservation practices they have completed include, a waste storage facility, roof runoff management, a nutrient management and record keeping system, prescribed grazing practices, fencing, a stream crossing for their livestock, upland wildlife habitat management practices, and riparian buffer and critical area plantings.