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National Databases

National Soil Interpretative Information  - Soil Attribute Data - Databases & Reports

There is a wide array of sources for electronic soil attribute data within the NRCS. Soil databases and information are managed and delivered by many independent systems, only some of which are integrated. This page summarizes the available National Databases. Some users may require the data in report format, whereas, others may want the actual database itself.

Map of VermontThe information below is for National data.
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NRCS National Soil
Attribute Data:Map of the United States

Description of Data:

Soil Data Mart

This site is "no longer in service". Prior to 2014 this site centralized NRCS GIS soil data distribution. Both Spatial and Attribute (tabular) data were available for download. Some of this functionality is now available at Web Soil Survey.

National Soil Characterization Data (Laboratory Data)

  1. Delimited text files
  2. Reports generated on screen

Soil Characterization Data is stored and maintained by the NSSC Soil Survey Laboratory. This database has thousands of entires for individual soil pedons that have undergone laboratory analysis. Characterization data can include:  pH, cation-exchange capacity, bulk density, clay mineralogy, percent carbon.

Users unfamiliar with a given soil, may want to consult with a local soil scientist to determine how well a given pedon represents its soil series for the area of interest.

National Soil Characterization Data

Official Series Descriptions


  1. Reports generated on screen


"Official Soil Series Description"  (OSD) is a term applied to the particular soil profile description, approved by NRCS, that defines a specific soil series in the United States. Basically, the OSDs serve as specifications for identifying and classifying soils.

The Official Soil Series Descriptions database is a national collection of more than 18,000 detailed soil series descriptions covering the United States.

Official Soil Series Descriptions

National Soil Information System



The NRCS database for internal use that is called "NASIS" (National Soil Information System) - this Web site provides  descriptive information only.


Hydric Soils Information


  1. MS Access  data file                        

The Hydric Soils Site presents the most current information about hydric soils. This site has reports and technical information.

 Hydric Soils