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Plan Questionnaire 'Grazing Plan'

'Grazing Plan Questionnaire'

For an NRCS customer when the conservation plan will be specific to grazing livestock.

Customer Name:                                                Customer Telephone:

Property or Farm Name:                                    Mail Address:

Land Location -    County:                                   Town:

Customer email:


General Farm Information Questions:

Please provide a short description of the farm enterprise.


If possible, please provide some history regarding past ownership of this farm or of any of the tracts you manage.


What other enterprises are within this farm operation (maple sugar production, youngstock replacements, timber production, etc)?


What are the objectives or goals for the farm enterprise?


If applicable, list other decision makers for the land and their involvement. (Include contact information.)


Are you currently enrolled in any conservation programs, including easement programs? If yes, what programs?

Are there any conservation practices which have been installed on your farm recently? If yes, which?


Are there USDA Programs or conservation practices that you have heard about and/or are interested in? If yes, please elaborate.


Are there existing resource concerns on your farm that you are aware of? (Examples: soil erosion, streambank erosion, water quality, invasive plants, poor habitat, etc. If yes, what are they and which of these concerns do you plan to address?


Are there any existing plans to expand the herd size and/or land base? If yes, what are the plans?


Is your operation certified organic for land or livestock, or are you considering transition to organic production?


Are wells or springs, either active or abandoned, located on or near the farm? If yes, please elaborate.


Do any wells or springs on or near the farm have documented water quality problems? If yes, please elaborate.


Are you aware of any archeological or historic sites on or near your property? If yes, what sites and where are they located?


Do you know of any threatened, endangered or rare plant or animal species on or near your farm? If yes, what species and where are they located?


Does your property have utilities passing through it? If yes, what utilities and where are they located? 


Pasture Questions:

Please describe the types and numbers of livestock pastured:

Livestock type pastured:                        Number pastured:                 Typical dates pastured:



Are grazing livestock allowed access to streams, ponds or other open water sources? If yes, please elaborate:


Does the current pasture system provide adequate forage? 

How many acres of pasture are currently used?

Describe spring, summer and fall forage availability and quality:


Do you use hayland for pasture? If yes, which fields and when?


How many hours per day are any of the livestock in the barn during the grazing season?


Which pasture management type best describes your pasture system (circle those that apply):

        Prescribed/Intensive Grazing

        Randomly Rotated (within a few large pastures)

        Continuous Stocking

        Grazed Forest or Wetland

Please provide more information to describe grazing:




Describe the current livestock water system and anticipated need for improvements (include other potential sources of water):




Describe the existing fencing system, and anticipated need for improvements:




Do you use temporary fencing for any of your pasture? If yes, where or under what conditions is it used?



Describe desired changes to the pasture system:


Wildlife Questions:

Do you have an existing wildlife management plan?

Do you have any goals or objectives for managing fish, wildlife or natural areas on your land? If yes, what are your objectives, and where would you propose to do management?


Are your wildlife management objectives, currently being met?

Do you have any unused or idle fields, old orchards, low productivity forest stands, etc. on your land? If yes, what management takes place on these areas (time and schedule of cuttings, release or pruning, etc.)?


Do you know or any rare natural communities or unique or important habitats on or near your land? Examples: clayplain forest, vernal pools or seeps, mast stands, cliffs or ledges, large cavity trees, softwood stands, thickets.


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Last Modified: June 22, 2010