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Accessibility help

Vermont Accessibility Web Page

If you have accessibility problems please contact the person listed below.






Heather Wetzstein Webmaster 802-951-6796 ext. 223
Amy Overstreet  Public Affairs Officer/Webmaster 802-951-6796 ext. 221


Free Document Readers/Viewers

Free document readers/viewers are provided for files on the Vermont NRCS website by software companies through the following websites:

Adobe Reader

Microsoft Download Center  - for MS-WORD, MS-POWERPOINT, MS-EXCEL

PDF Files

Many of the files that are accessed through the Vermont NRCS website are in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).  These files have been evaluated using the accessibility checker in Adobe Acrobat and have been made accessible to the extent possible so that they may read correctly using the read out loud function in Adobe Reader.  Where practical an HTML version of the pdf file has been provided.

Individual PDF files can be converted from PDF to HTML or text on the Access Adobe web site.

Other Web Sites and Contacts

Information on adjusting font sizes on USDA Web Sites can be found on the NRCS Accessibility Statement web page. You can also change the font size by clicking on one of the 3 A's on the right end of the menu line at the top of each web page in this website.

Other resources are available on the USDA Accessibility Statement web page.