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EWP landscape planning


Flood Recovery Programs

Sub-sections of PL-81-516 and PL-95-334 - "EWP"

Section 216, P.L.81-516 (as amended)  notes that "The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to undertake emergency measures, including the purchase of floodplain easements, for runoff retardation and soil erosion prevention, in cooperation with landowners and land users, as the Secretary deems necessary to safeguard lives and property from floods, drought, and the products of erosion on any watershed whenever fire, flood, or any other natural occurrence is causing or has caused a sudden impairment of that watershed." 

Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP)

The purpose of the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program is to undertake emergency measures to help local residents and sponsors recover from natural disasters.  It is not necessary for a national emergency to be declared for an area to be eligible for EWP assistance; state-declared emergencies will suffice.  Through EWP the NRCS assists sponsors and individuals in implementing emergency measures to relieve imminent hazards to life and property created by natural disasters. Activities include providing financial and technical assistance to remove debris from streams in order to re-establish channel capacity, protect destabilized stream-banks and adjacent roads and bridges, establish cover on critically eroding lands, repairing conservation practices, and the purchase of flood plain easements.

In 2005, NRCS in Virginia assisted the following localities with EWP projects: Augusta County, Alleghany County, Bath County, Greene County, Highland County, Madison County, Page County, Patrick County, Rockingham County, Rockbridge County, the Town of Damascus, and the City of Chesapeake.

Emergency Watershed Program General Information

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Contact: David Kriz, PH: (804) 287-1646 or email, 1606 Santa Rosa Road, Richmond VA 23229

Financial assistance funds total about $2 million for Hurricane Isabel, Hurricane Jeanne, the flood of November 2003 and the flood of January 2005.

Floodplain Easement Program (FEP)

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FEP Fact Sheet (pdf, 24kb)
Virginia Application (pdf, 7kb)
Geographic Rate Cap Map (pdf, 185kb)
Landowner Offer Worksheet (pdf, 25kb)
AD-1153 (pdf, 30kb)

Emergency Conservation Program (ECP)

The Emergency Conservation Program is administered by the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) and it provides technical and financial assistance to local farmers after a declared emergency from flood, fire or drought has been declared by either the President or the Governor.  The purpose of the program is to assist farmers to recover from the effects of natural disasters on their farms.  Learn more about ECP by contacting your local USDA Farm Service Agency Office.