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FY22 Virginia EQIP - Documents and Procedures

National Programmatic, Landscape and State Initiatives funded through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)
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National Program Initiatives:

Landscape Conservation Initiatives:

State Conservation Initiatives:

FY22 EQIP Batching Period applicable to all of the offerings listed above

Batching Period (202)

Application Deadline

Ranking Deadline


Nov. 19, 2021

Feb. 18, 2022

Application Deadline: Applications received by close of business November 19, 2021.

Applications pre-approved for funding MUST meet all USDA Program Eligibility prior to contract obligation. For more information regarding eligibility for NRCS Financial Assistance programs, visit our Eligibility page.


All FY22 applications for the initiatives listed above will be reviewed using the FY22 EQIP General Screening Worksheet.  Applications that screened as Low will not be assessed, ranked or considered for funding until all eligible applications with a higher priority, addressing an eligible resource concern, have been assessed, ranked and considered for funding.

All Area Competitive Livestock applications will be screened via the FY22 EQIP Livestock Screening Worksheet.

Assessment and Ranking:

  • Area Competitive Livestock Applications receiving a High Priority based on this screening will be assessed, and ranked, using the appropriate Ranking Tool, by close of business on a To Be Determined date. Livestock Applications receiving a Medium priority will not be assessed or ranked until all High Priority applications within the associated NRCS Service Center have been ranked.

  • All other Applications that did not receive a Low Priority screening will be assessed and ranked, using the appropriate Ranking Tool, by close of business on a To Be Determined date.