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Lower Cowpasture Restoration Project

Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership

Virginia NRCS was recently selected for FY17 funding in support of this partnership.  Visit the Joint Chiefs webpage to learn more about this partnership effort.

Application DEADLINE: Friday, 5:00 pm Eastern, April 21, 2017. 

The Lower Cowpasture Restoration Project

Project Area: The project area is located in the heart of the Central Appalachians and the upper James River drainage basin of the Chesapeake Bay, covering 117,500 acres of public and private lands in Alleghany, Bath and Rockbridge counties. The target area includes 31,000 acres of privately owned land, approximately 77,700 acres in the Warm Springs and James River Ranger Districts of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, and 4,550 acres in the Douthat State Park.

Project Description: This project will fully integrate treatments across federal, state and private lands in a biologically rich and priority watershed within the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. The Project will: (1) restore the health, diversity and resiliency of fire-adapted forests and rare plant communities while decreasing the risk of wildfire to adjacent communities; (2) improve habitat for forest bats, declining early successional birds and other priority Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Virginia’s Wildlife Action Plan (2015); (3) improve water quality, function and connectivity of streams and full passage of aquatic organisms, including surrogate species such as brook trout and other rare fish and mussel species; and (4) remove non-native invasive plant species while restoring native plant diversity, including American chestnut and native pollinator habitat, which serves to implement elements of the National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators (2015).

This project is governed by EQIP rules, and will use the FY17 EQIP Payment schedule.

While the available practice list (below) is extensive, the emphasis of this project is livestock exclusion from vulnerable waters, and the establishment of riparian buffers.

Available Practices in the fund Pool

Practice Code Practice Name Practice Code Practice Name
472 Access Control 521A Pond Sealing or Lining, Flexible Membrane
560 Access Road 338 Prescribed Burning
591 Amendments for Treatment of Ag Waste 528 Prescribed Grazing
366 Anaerobic Digester 533 Pumping Plant
316 Animal Mortality 329 Residue and Tillage Mgmnt, No-Till
396 Aquatic Organism Passage 345 Residue and Tillage Mgmnt, Reduced
314 Brush Management 643 Restoration & Mgmnt Rare & Declining Species
317 Composting Facility 390 Riparian Herbaceous Cover
327 Conservation Cover 391 Riparian Forest Buffer
332 Contour Buffer Strips 654 Road/Trail/Landing Closure
330 Contour Farming 558 Roof Runoff Structure
334 Controlled Traffic Farming 367 Roof and Covers
340 Cover Crop 604 Saturated Buffer
342 Critical Area Planting 350 Sediment Basin
324 Deep Tillage 381 Silvopasture Establishment
605 Denitrifying Bioreactor 574 Spring Development
356 Dike 578 Stream Crossing
362 Diversion 395 Stream Habitat Improvement and Management
554 Drainage Water Management 580 Streambank and Shoreling Protection
647 Early Successional Habitat 585 Stripcropping
382 Fence 587 Structure for Water Control
393 Filter Strip 649 Structures for Wildlife
394 Fire Break 606 Subsurface Drain
512 Forage and Biomass Planting 575 Trails and Walkways
666 Forest Stand Impromvement 612 Tree/Shrub Establishment
410 Grade Stabilization Structure 490 Tree/Shrub Site Preparation
412 Grassed Waterway 620 Underground Outlet
561 Heavy Use Area Protection 645 Upland Wildlife Management
422 Hedgerow Planting 360 Waste Facility Closure
315 Herbaceous Weed Control 632 Waste Separation Facility
430 Irrigation Pipeline 313 Waste Storage Facility
449 Irrigation Water Management 634 Waste Transfer
527 Karst Sinkhole Treatment 629 Waste Treatment
468 Lined Waterway or Outlet 359 Waste Treatment Lagoon
516 Livestock Pipeline 642 Water Well
484 Mulching 614 Watering Facility
590 Nutrient Management 351 Well Decommissioning
378 Pond 656 Wetland Creation
520 Pond Sealing or Lining, Compacted Soil 659 Wetland Enhancement
522 Poind Sealing or Lining, Concrete 657 Wetland Restoration
    644 Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management
    380 Windbreak/Sheltelt Establishment