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Wasatch County Resource Assessment

Wasatch County Resource Assessment

The county is was historically a major agricultural community. At one time, more sheep where shipped out of the valley that anywhere else in the nation. The high-altitude farming raised peas as a major crop with a cannery in the community. In the 70’s many dairies participated in the USDA dairy buyout. There are now 8 active dairies left in the county, major crops are alfalfa and grass hay. Most of the county is under sprinkler irrigation.

The County has experienced incredible residential growth with water quality, water quantity and wise land use is a major concern. The area is a watershed for metropolitan areas along the Wasatch Front and has three very large man-made reservoirs: Jordanelle, Deer Creek, and Strawberry; that serve culinary, irrigation, and recreational needs. The Provo River is a blue-ribbon fishery for fly-fishing. Tourism is a major business in the area. Scenic farmland is an asset that the local people would like to protect. Only one hour from Salt Lake City, and adjacent to Park City, the county was the cross-country and biathlon venue of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, and has 5 golf courses.. Recreation impacts on natural resources continue to be an issue.

Geologically, the county lies between the Great Basin and the Uintah Basin. The southeastern part of the county drains to the Colorado River by way of the Strawberry River. However most of the water from the Strawberry River drainage is diverted through tunnels from the Current Creek and Strawberry Reservoirs to Utah County. The northern part of the county drains into the Provo River which runs southwestward into Utah County by way of Provo Canyon.

Wasatch County Land Use Map

Complete Assessment - Land Use Statistics

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Wasatch County, Utah Resource Assessment (PDF, 1.35 MB)

Summary Assessment - Land Use Statistics

Land Use Acres
Residential 4,121.09
Vacant Residential 2,166.34
General Sales Or Services 48.55
Manufacturing 54.11
Utilities 795.95
Irrigated Agriculture 15,616.65
Grazing 711,969.92
Private Recreation 6,113.45
Public Recreation Facilities 2,518.45
Mining 260.35
Cities and Towns 6,222.00
Water Bodies 22,598.50
County Total 772,485.36