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Sevier County Resource Assessment

Sevier County Resource Assessment

Sevier County is located in south-central Utah and is the commercial hub of this area. Richfield draws many people from the surrounding counties to do their shopping and other business. Agriculture is the main income for the people living in the county. Fishlake is a major attraction in the state and brings in many visitors.

Sevier County consists of 1,234,560 acres 76% is federal lands and 20% private. Resource decisions and issues that affect the federal lands have a major impact on the people in the county.

Average low winter temperatures: 28 degrees; average high summer temperatures: 90 degrees; average precipitation: 9 inches in the valleys and 40+ in the high mountains.

Sevier County Land Use Map

Complete Assessment - Land Use Statistics

The following document requires  Adobe Acrobat.

Sevier County, Utah Resource Assessment (PDF, 1.49 MB)

Summary Assessment - Land Use Statistics

Land Use Acres
Forest 370,094
Small Grains 10,299
Hayland 27,035
Pasture 25,277
Rangeland 795,124
Water 1,379
Wetlands 2,973
Developed 7,995
Other 188
County Total 1,234,560