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San Juan County Resource Assessment

San Juan County Resource Assessment

San Juan County is located in the far south-eastern portion of Utah within the Colorado Plateau along the Colorado and Arizona borders. It is the largest county in Utah and the second largest in the United States with approximately 7,884 mi2 or 5.2 million acres. Some of the more famous attractions within San Juan County are Canyonlands National Park, Lake Powell, Four Corners area and the Navajo Indian Reservation. The majority of the land (approx. 72%) is administered by federal and tribal agencies. Land ownership/administration within San Juan County is broken down as follows (acres, % of total): BLM 2,074,247, 41%; Indian Reservation 1,220,846, 23%; National Parks Service 587,375, 10%; U.S.F.S 450,549, 9%; State of Utah 406,415, 8%; Private 406,367, 8%, and Private Indian Trust Funds 25,117, 1%.

Summer precipitation patterns are typical for the south west with monsoonal storms, with heavier snow accumulations within the higher elevations during the winter months. The average growing season is June 1 through October 1, with slightly longer periods in the lower elevations. The average annual precipitation within the County is between 6 and 22 in yr-1.

San Juan County Land Use Map

Complete Assessment - Land Use Statistics

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San Juan County, Utah Resource Assessment (PDF, 1.05 MB)

Summary Assessment - Land Use Statistics

Land Use Acres
Forest 1,890,662
Grain Crops 55,117
Conservation Reserve Program 36,079
Grass/Pasture/Haylands 26,733
Orchards/Vineyards 71
Row Crops 26,557
Shrub/Rangeland 2,937,699
Water 45,629
Developed 4,488
County Total 5,023,035