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Kane County Resource Assessment

Kane County Resource Assessment

Kane County is located along Utah’s southern border with Arizona. Garfield County borders Kane on the north, Iron County borders Kane on the West and San Jaun County borders Kane on the South East. The main Highway running through Kane County is U.S. highway 89. The high desert landscape of Kane County belongs to the Colorado Plateau geographical province. The waters of man-made Lake Powell on the Colorado River form the county’s eastern border, and most of the streams in Kane are part of the Colorado River system.

Kane County has an area of about 2,553,375 acres. Of these acres 85% is federally owned, 10% is State owned, and 5% is privately owned. Kane County’s population is about 6046. The density of the county is about 1.47 people per square mile.

Average Winter Temperatures: 35 degrees F; average Summer temperatures: 75 degrees F; average precipitation: 10.3 inches. The average growing season is about 183 days. Mostly alfalfa for horses and cattle is grown.

Kane County Land Use Map

Complete Assessment - Land Use Statistics

The following document requires  Adobe Acrobat.

Kane County, Utah Resource Assessment (PDF, 816 KB)

Summary Assessment - Land Use Statistics

Land Use Acres
Forest 548,016
Grain Crops 800
Grass/Pasture/Haylands 11,000
Orchards/Vineyards 17
Shrub/Rangeland 1,890,058
Water/Wetlands 32,049
Developed 22,510
County Total 2,504,450