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Utah NRCS Soil Survey

Access to soil survey information is provided through maps. All text and tables relate to the map symbols and the areas delineated on these maps. Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of soil survey information should contact the NRCS at the USDA Service Center that services the county of interest. Service Center locations can be found on the USDA-Office Locator web page.  For questions on Utah Soils, contact Bir Thapa

This site provides links to the WEB Soil Survey, the Soil Data Mart, information for educators, technical references, lists of published soils surveys, and other information.

Title Description
WEB Soil Survey

The WEB Soil Survey allows the user to define an area of interest, print or save soil maps directly from the web. It also allows the user to develop soil interpretive maps and reports, including maps and reports of Hydric Soils, Prime Farmland Soils, and Soils of Statewide Importance.

Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) Data for Utah


Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) sites allows users to access real-time soil climate data for 35 sites in Utah.

Utah NRCS Soils Staff

Contact the NRCS Soils Staff for hardcopy publications and to check for unpublished data that may be available.

Utah's State Soil – Mivida

Mivida, a moderately extensive soil in southeastern Utah, is the official soil of Utah.

National Soil Survey Center

Soil Science information and links.

National Water and Climate Center

The National Water and Climate Center site provides information on climate and water supply.

Utah Automated Geographic Information Center

The Utah Automated Geographic Information Center is a clearing house for geographic information in Utah.