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Agricultural Management Assistance Program

Agricultural Management Assistance Program

What's New in AMA?

NRCS​ is accepting applications from private landowners and tribes for assistance from our Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) - RMA High Tunnel Systems being offered in 2021. Applications may be submitted at any time, but this application period ends April 2, 2021.


The Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) provides financial assistance to agricultural producers to: construct or improve watershed management structures or irrigation structures, plant trees to form windbreaks, implement practices to improve water quality, mitigate financial risk through production or marketing diversification, implement resource conservation practices to address soil erosion, integrated pest management, or to assist producers to transition to organic farming.  AMA was reauthorized through the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008. The program is available in Utah and 15 other states where participation in the Federal Crop Insurance Program is historically low.

AMA is administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). All signups are conducted at all USDA Service Centers in Utah.

High tunnels are included through the AMA Program.  To learn more about high tunnels, please visit the High Tunnel Web Page.

Visit Client Gateway

Conservation Client Gateway is a secure online web application that gives landowners and land managers, operating as individuals, the ability to track their payments, report completed practices, request conservation assistance, and electronically sign documents anytime, anywhere.  Conservation Client Gateway provides users the flexibility to determine when they want to engage with NRCS online and when they prefer in-person conservation planning assistance.


Ranking Criteria

Applications will be evaluated and selected based on state ranking criteria.

Click here for the FY2021 Ranking Criteria for NRCS Programs.



Under the 2008 Farm Bill, Adjusted Gross Income provisions now apply to the AMA program. Refer to 7 CFR Part 1400  [offsite link image]      for additional information. Eligible land includes: 1) Privately owned land; 2) Publicly owned land where the land is a working component of the participant’s agricultural operation, and the participant has control of the land for the term of the contract; and 3) Tribal, BIA allotted, or Indian land.

The following practices will be available to use these FY 2021 funds:

  • High Tunnel System
  • Irrigation Canal or Lateral
  • Composting Facility
  • Conservation Cover
  • Conservation Crop Rotation
  • Cover Crop
  • Critical Area Planting
  • Dam, Diversion
  • Irrigation Field Ditch
  • Dam
  • Heavy Use Protection
  • Irrigation Reservoir
  • Irrigation System, Micro-Irrigation
  • Sprinkler System
  • Irrigation System, Surface and Subsurface
  • Irrigation and Drainage Tailwater Recovery
  • Irrigation Water Management
  • Irrigation Land Leveling
  • Mulching
  • Pumping Plant
  • Drainage Water Management
  • Roof Runoff structure
  • Structure for Water Control
  • Underground Outlet
  • Nutrient Management
  • Pest Management Conservation System
  • Water Well
  • Wildlife Habitat Planting
  • Irrigation Water Management Plan – Written
  • Irrigation Ditch Lining
  • Irrigation Pipeline

How to Apply

Visit your local USDA Service Center to apply or visit


Practice Payment Rates:

2020 AMA Payment Schedules 

Other Information

  • Each eligible conservation practice has a Practice Payment Rate (PPR) which is a fixed amount based on a percentage of the state average cost of a typical installation of that practice.
  • Total AMA payments shall not exceed $50,000 per participant for any fiscal year.
  • AMA Factsheet - English Version

More Information

For more information contact your local USDA- NRCS Service Center to schedule a meeting to discuss available options. You may also contact the NRCS Utah State Office:


Kelli McClelland

Program Manager


Phone: (801) 524-4599