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Soil Climate Analysis (SCAN) - Utah NRCS

Soil Climate Analysis (SCAN) - Utah NRCS

Access to soil survey information is provided through maps. All text and tables relate to the map symbols and the areas delineated on these maps. Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of soil survey information should contact the NRCS at the USDA Service Center that services the county of interest. Service Center locations can be found on the USDA-Office Locator web page.  For questions on Utah Soils, contact Mike Domeier.

Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) Data for Utah

Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) sites allows users to access real-time soil climate data for 18 sites in Utah.

Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) Graphs for Utah by Site

Each file contains two graphs, soil moisture and soil temperature, for the water year at that site. Data for water year 2007 is incomplete because sites were installed in May or September, 2007.

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

National Water and Climate Center

The National Water and Climate Center site provides information on climate and water supply.