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Utah NRCS Civil Rights Committee Members




The Utah Civil Rights Committee serves the following functions:

  • Serves as an advisory body to the Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer (DEOO) to promote and assist in meaningful and effective affirmative employment consistent with the goals and objectives set forth by leadership.
  • Provides feedback on the performance of the civil rights outreach program, identifies areas of weakness, and makes recommendations for improvements to the DEOO.
  • Identifies emerging areas needing special attention by the DEOO and Utah NRCS leadership.
  • Make recommendations to the DEOO regarding policies, practices, and procedures as they affect civil rights within Utah.

Additionally, this Committee shall strive to present and promote dignity and respect for all individuals and groups. This effort will exemplify the essence of civil rights equality for human beings, in the understanding that this pursuit embraces the positive associated human values to which all are entitled. 


Read a document about the roll of the SEPM  (Click Here)

Utah Civil Rights Committee Members
Title Name Position
Deputy Civil Rights Officer David Brown State Conservationist
Civil Rights Liaison NRCS (Ex-Officio) Don Ashby ASTC-FO (North Area)
Civil Rights Committee Chair Gary McRae Air/Energy Specialist
SEPM - American Indian Alaska Native Wayne Urie Soil Conservationist
SEPM - Federal Women Kristi Westwood District Conservationist
SEPM - Black Jordan Clayton Hydrologist
SEPM - Hispanic Andrew Wallace Soil Conservationist
SEPM - Disability Brent Campbell Civil Engineer
SEPM - Veterans Brandon Todd Soil Conservationist
SEPM - Asian American Pacific Islander Chelcey Larsen Soil Conservationist
SEPM - Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Dee Cummings Secretary
Committee Member - North Area Jeremy Maycock District Conservationis
Committee Member - South Area Orie Winger Soil Conservationist
Committee Member - State Office/Snow Survey Brent Draper Irrigation Engineer
Committee Member - At Large Nicole Steiff Civil Engineer