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Biology Technical Notes

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Subject Zone
Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society - Stocking Assessment and Management Recommendations  2
Southern Regional Aquaculture Center 2
Deer Age-Tooth Wear- A Guide to Age Determination of White-Tailed Deer 2
What Do Deer Eat in the Southern Rolling Plains of Texas (PDF; 16 Kb) 2
Comparison of Sheep, Goat, and White-tailed Deer Diet (PDF; 13 Kb) 2
Food Plots for Deer in West Texas (18 - 25 Inch Rainfall Belt) (PDF; 20 Kb) 2
Food Plots for Deer in Central Texas (25 - 30 Inch Rainfall Belt) (PDF; 20 Kb) 2
What Do Deer Eat in Llano and Mason County? (PDF; 24 Kb) 2
Deer Resistant Plants for Landscaping in West Central Texas (PDF; 20 Kb) 2
The Basic Precepts of Deer Management (PDF; 56 Kb) 2
Rules of Thumb for Deer Management (PDF; 52 Kb) 2
Deer Management During Drought (PDF; 00 Kb) 2
Evaluating Rangeland Condition and Deer Habitat in the Edwards Plateau (PDF; 35 Kb) 2
Brush Management Guidelines and Considerations - Livestock - Wildlife - Water - Aesthetics (PDF; 149 Kb) 2
Checklist and Value of Deer Food Plants of the Rio Grande Plains (PDF; 189 Kb) 2
Checklist and Value of Deer Food Plants of the Trans Pecos (PDF; 112 Kb) 2
Deer Food Plot System (PDF; 125 Kb) 2
Deer Harvest Records (PDF; 305 Kb) 2
Checklist and Value of Common Deer Food Plants of the Edwards Plateau (PDF; 132 Kb) 2
Vulnerability Ratings of Native Plants to Deer Browsing in the Texas Hill Country (PDF; 131 Kb) 2
Desert Mule Deer Diets in Trans Pecos (PDF; 110 Kb) 2
Weight Index Charts for White-tailed Deer in Texas (PDF; 372 Kb) 2
Common Plants of Riparian Areas - Central Texas (PDF; 214 Kb) 2
Quail Food Plants - Trans Pecos (PDF; 54 Kb) 2
Important Plants for Quail Habitat - Desert Grassland, Trans Pecos, Texas (PDF; 112 Kb) 2
Common Range Plants of Southwest Texas (PDF; 222 Kb) 2
The Use and Management of Browse in the Edwards Plateau of Texas (PDF; 1.13 Mb) 2
Butterflies Depend on Native Plant Diversity (PDF; 78 Kb) 2
Native Plants Beneficial for Hummingbirds and Butterflies - Central and West Texas (PDF; 80 Kb) 2
Pronghorn Antelope Diets in Texas and Southwest - Summary and Management Implications (PDF; 185 Kb) 2
Common Plants of Riparian Areas - Central and Southwestern Texas with Wetland Indicator (WI) and Draft Stability Rating (SR) (PDF; 60 Kb) 2
Turkey Food Habits in West Texas (PDF; 35 Kb) 2
Turkey Diet in Rolling Plains (PDF; 10 Kb) 2
Nesting Success of Turkey in the Edwards Plateau (PDF; 17 Kb) 2
What Do Turkey Eat in West Texas? (PDF; 13 Kb) 2
Wildlife (General)
Animal Unit Equivalent Chart - Texas  Domestic Livestock, Native Wildlife, and Exotic Wildlife (PDF; 123 Kb) 2
Typical Feeding Habits of Livestock, Native Wildlife and Exotic Wildlife (PDF; 87 Kb) 2
Hoofstock Forage Calculator (XLS; 40 Kb) 2
Reading the Land - A practical guide to evaluating rangeland for livestock, wildlife and stewardship (PDF; 281 Kb) 2
Water for Wildlife (PDF; 1.49 Mb)  
Wildlife Watering Facility, Tech Note 19