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Operation and Maintenance

In 2000 and again in 2002, NRCS Texas asked Local Sponsoring Organizations for status reviews of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) for all watershed projects with dams. The reviews indicated that there is a lack of adequate O&M on about 45 percent of the dams in Texas. The main reason for the lack of O&M was the lack of funds. As of 2008, estimated funding needed to address maintenance needs is over $11 million. The local Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) , who own the easements for most of the dams, do not have taxing authority in Texas and have no funds, except those provided by co-sponsors, for O&M. Other watershed sponsors (counties, cities, water control and improvement districts) find it increasingly difficult to budget adequate funds for annual maintenance of watershed structures. Funding for expensive repairs required on aging dams is even more difficult.

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O&M Inspection Guidelines (PDF; 23 KB)

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O&M Inspection Report  (PDF; 376 KB)

Watershed Operations Financial Assistance (FA) Funding in Texas - 1977-2010

Operation and Maintenance Agreements

2012 O&M Repair, Rehab Cost

2011 O&M Repair, Rehab Cost

2010 O&M Repair, Rehab Costs

2008 O&M Repair, Rehab Costs