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Farmers and Landowners Workshop

By Kanika Davis, NRCS Public Affairs Specialist ♦ March 2020



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The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in partnership with Minority Landowner Magazine recently hosted a free two-day Farmer and Landowner Workshop in Liberty, TX to discuss conservation technical and financial assistance available through USDA. Open to the public, this two-day workshop allowed conservation technical specialists, farm loan managers and ag industry experts to present information to attendees on topics related to financial assistance programs, loan programs, heir’s property, conservation programs and easements, production and marketing alternatives, and irrigation systems.

The second day of the workshop provided participants with the opportunity to construct a seasonal high tunnel, a covered structure used to protect crops to extend the growing season. Across the United States, farmers, ranchers, and landowners are discovering the benefits of seasonal high tunnels. With the option to integrate high tunnels into their operations, the USDA NRCS assists producers with reaching their operational goals by providing the financial assistance needed through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), one of NRCS' many assistance programs.

Workshop attendees and owners/representatives of Seymour Builders.

With farmers recognizing the ability for seasonal high tunnels to assist with increasing the economic viability of their farms, interest for seasonal high tunnels continues to grow. And while they may look like greenhouses, high tunnels are actually quite different. Greenhouses are usually constructed of glass and metal, with plants grown in pots above the ground. High tunnels are polyethylene, plastic or fabric covered hoop structures that can be assembled for a fraction of the cost, with plants grown in raised beds or grown directly in the ground.

Built on the property of Langtree Retreat and Eco Center (owned by Mrs. Barbara Lange), this seasonal high tunnel was constructed from “the ground up” under the direct supervision and guidance of Seymour Builders (based in North Carolina), and dedicated workshop participants.

For more information about future workshops contact Victor Harris at or call (919) 215-1632.