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A Day in the Life: Kimberly Ratcliff

By Kanika J. Davis, NRCS Public Affairs Specialist  ♦ September 2020
Kimberly Ratcliff manages Caney Creek Ranch, a diversified ranch in
east central Texas, started by her parents. She joined the ranch in 2007 after leaving her job with Bloomberg as a branding specialist. In addition to managing Caney Creek, Ratcliff also owns Farm to Freezer Beef, a locally owned, family-run business that offers fresh, wholesome beef direct from east Texas ranches. They provide the highest quality ranch-direct beef possible, in a simple, convenient, and responsible manner. 
Read more about Kimberley Ratcliff in the ArcGIS Story maps or in the text-only version below.
In 2008, Ratcliff helped start the 100 Ranchers, an organization comprised of minority members across counties in Texas. The organization promotes agriculture at the local level and holds educational meetings for its members. The 100 Ranchers primary mission is to unite production agriculture producers by strengthening and promoting agriculture.

Woman wearing a jean shirt



Kimberly Ratcliff is the manager of Caney Creek Ranch; owner of Farm to Freezer Meat LLC; and president of 100 Ranchers.
Most recently, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced the appointment of 15 members to serve on the United States Department of Agriculture Advisory Committee on Minority Farmers. Ratcliff was chosen as one of these 15 members.

2,500 acres of land




Part of the more than 2,500 acres of Caney Creek Ranch.


See more of Ratcliff's life in the following video.


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