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Getting Off the Fence

By Dee Ann Littlefield, Public Affairs Specialist

Choosing the right type of fence is a big decision for land managers as it plays a key role in a grazing management system.  Kevin Derzapf, range management specialist with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), recently gave a presentation to the Texas Small Farmers & Ranchers (TSFR) Community Based Organization (CBO) at a roundtable outreach meeting in Wolfe City.  

Derzapf visited with the group about the many types of fencing options that are out there, from wire, wood and pipe fencing to less expensive electric options. TSFR/CBO members in attendance expressed interest in learning more about electric fence construction and the mobility aspects of it.

Derzapf pointed out how there are also decisions to be made about where to put fences, such as cross fences and exclusionary fences. Derzapf assured the group that NRCS staff is available in every county in Texas to help members with these decisions.

This meeting was Phase 1 of Fence Training for the TSFR/CBO group, with the intent of introducing landowners to NRCS fencing specifications and to allow attendees to review specifications in preparation for Phase II training. Phase 2 is scheduled in the spring of 2018 and will include Derzapf and local vendor for hands-on training at TSFR/CBO member, Robert Brown’s Ranch, just north of Wolfe City.

Getting Off the Fence, Dee Ann Littlefield, NRCS Public Affairs Specialist,(2018, February)