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News Release

USDA NRCS Seeks American Indian Artists for Poster Artwork

Dr. Carol Crouch
(405) 331-0160

Temple, Texas, October 12, 2021 — The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is sponsoring a contest for American Indian artists to submit artwork to be considered for its 2021 American Indian Heritage Month poster. The winning artwork will be used on the poster and distributed nationwide.

Each year, NRCS recognizes and celebrates the many different cultures to which it offers its services and programs, including American Indians. November is nationally designated as American Indian Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and make people aware of the history of American Indians and their contributions to the world.

The theme that has been selected to give inspiration to artists is “Healing Our Lands and Our People for the Next Generations.” The theme was selected to honor the importance of protecting American Indian people, traditions, and culture in a time of uncertainty. NRCS invites each artist to create an original painting that encompasses the artist’s interpretation of American Indian Culture and Heritage, keeping in mind the theme.

Artists interested in submitting artwork for consideration should be aware of the following:

  • Only one painting will be selected for the 2021 American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month Poster.
  • The Oklahoma Tribal Conservation Advisory Council, which is partnering to produce the poster, will purchase the artwork for the NRCS 2021 Heritage Month poster from the artist for $2,000. NRCS and the Council will have the right to reproduce and distribute copies of the artwork at their discretion.
  • The Council and the selected artist will sign an agreement to set forth the terms of procurement and rights.
  • The artwork is to be an original, size 18” x 24”, in acrylic or oil on canvas. Digital artwork will also be accepted.
  • A written narrative about the artwork is to be included with each entry, along with the name of the piece.

The deadline for submitting the artwork to NRCS Oklahoma is October 21, 2021. A high quality digital photo of the artwork should be submitted to Dr. Carol Crouch, NRCS state tribal liaison, at

The artwork will be judged on:

  • Creativity and originality.
  • The realistic portrayal of something related to the heritage of American Indians and/or an interesting depiction of an aspect of American Indian culture.
  • The essence of the poster competition theme in the artwork.
  • Craftsmanship and skill.

Determination of the winning artwork will be made by October 23, 2021.The winning artwork will be shipped to NRCS Oklahoma.

Copies of the poster will be distributed to all NRCS offices in all 50 states and territories for local exhibition.

Artists who want to view previous American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month posters or have questions should contact Dr. Carol Crouch at or 405-331-0160.