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Reverchon Naturalist

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Julien Reverchon
Recognizing the work of French botanist Julien Reverchon, who began collecting throughout the North Central Texas area in 1876, and all the botanists/naturalists who have followed ...

Julien Reverchon (1837 - 1905) was born in Diemoz, France, where he began his lifelong work of specimen collection. In 1856, he arrived with his father in Texas intending to settle at La Reunion, which is now within the city of Dallas. Reverchon was a noted botanist. He had collected over 2000 species of plants by the time he and his father came to America, and he continued to collect plants when he settled in Texas.

The goal of this newsletter is to share interesting photos, sightings, and experiences within the area of the Eastern Rolling Plains, Cross Timbers and Prairies, Blackland Prairie, and western Clay Pan Prairie areas of North Central Texas. Anyone who has items of interest related to native plants, animals and the great outdoors should submit them with a brief story or explanation. Please send submissions to: Ricky Linex to be published in The Reverchon Naturalist newsletter.

The Reverchon Naturalist

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