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Federal Women's Program

403.11 Policy

It is NRCS policy to conduct a positive and continuing FWP that provides equal employment opportunity for women in all personnel management policies and practices, as well as in NRCS-sponsored programs and activities.

403.12 Program Objectives

A. Increase the total number of women employed in professional, administrative, and technical occupations.

B. Eliminate concentrations of women in single-interval occupational series, to diversify and create advancement opportunities throughout all occupational levels and disciplines.

C. Encourage the participation of women in all NRCS- sponsored programs and activities.

Part 403 - Special Emphasis Programs - Subpart C - Federal Women's Program

Texas Federal Women's Program Advisory Committee Members
Names Position Phone Office
Jessica Benavides-Paredes, Soil Conservationist Manager 361.325.2236 x109 Falfurrias Field Office
Elisha Kuehn,  Assistant State Conservationist (Field Operations) Liaison 325.944.0147 San Angelo Zone Office
Suzy Root, Secretary State Office 254.742.9850 Texas State Office, Temple
Shannon Rowley, District Conservationist Zone 1 325.776.2284, x 101 Roby Field Office
Robyn Sims, Soil Conservation Technician Zone 2 325.869.4021 x3  Eden Field Office
David Hinojosa, Technology Transfer Specialist Zone 3 361.241.0609 Corpus Christi Zone Office
Janet Ritter, District Conservationist Zone 4 936.598.5557 x3 Center Field Office
Sheena Schemm, Soil Conservationist Zone 5 817.645.7711 x3 Cleburne Field Office

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Jessica Benavides-Paredes, Federal Women's Program Manager
Phone:  361.325.2236