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Special Emphasis Program

403.0 General

The term "Special Emphasis Programs" (SEP) refers to those programs which focus special attention on certain specific groups as a result of a particular law, regulation, or Executive Order. Special Emphasis Programs have been initiated to address the employment-related concerns of groups not specifically included in other programs where a need for special emphasis or employment concerns of such groups has been demonstrated. Special Emphasis Programs include the following:

A. Legislated or Mandated Special Emphasis Programs

(1) The Federal Women's Program (FWP) - This program was established to implement a recommendation of the President's Committee on the Status of Women and was later integrated into the Federal EEO Program after the issuance of E.O. 11478 (August 1969). The activities of the FWP focus on employment needs and problems of women as they relate to Federal personnel policies and practices.

(2) The Hispanic Emphasis Program (HEP) - This program was established initially by a Presidential Directive in 1970 as a Sixteen-Point Program for Spanish-speaking Americans. It was designed to assure consideration of the needs and problems of persons of Hispanic origin in all aspects of Federal personnel management. Hispanics are persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.

(3) Disability Emphasis Program (DEP), formerly the Selective Placement Program (SPP) for the Handicapped. Disability Emphasis Program contains organized action plans and procedures which promote the hiring, placement, and advancement of employees with disabilities. The SPP has its modern origins in P.L. 89-554, codified as 5 USC 7153, and Presidential policy statements and regulations issued pursuant thereto. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued instruction (501) on affirmative action plans for persons with disabilities.

(4) The Veterans Emphasis Program - This program is directed at assuring that all veterans, particularly Vietnam Era and disabled veterans, have the full measure of employment in the Federal service. The legal basis for the program includes the Veterans Preference Act of 1944 (5 USC 2108); non-competitive appointing authority for 30 percent or more disabled veterans (5 USC 3114, the Veterans Readjustment Appointment (EO 11521); and the Vietnam Era Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (38 USC 2104).

B. Non-legislated or non-mandated Programs

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has initiated special emphasis programs to address the employment-related concerns of Asian American/Pacific Islanders, American Indian/Alaskan Natives, and Blacks.

Name Position Phone Office
Brenda Gibson      Asian American/Pacific Islanders Emphasis Program Manager (AA/PIEPM) 806.364.0530        Hereford
Melissa Sturdivant American Indian/Alaskan Natives Emphasis Program Manager (AI/ANEPM) 940.633.5304 Goldthwaite
Willie Holmon    Black Emphasis Program Manager (BEPM) 936.634.9900       Lufkin
Dan Keesee Disability Emphasis Program Manager (DEPM) 254.742.9833 Temple
Jessica Benavides-Paredes   Federal Women's Program Manager (FWPM) 361.325.2236       Falfurrias
Eileen Vale Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager (HEPM) 940.592.4147 Iowa Park
Glenn Greanya Veterans Emphasis Program Manager (VEPM) 432.837.5864 Alpine
Natalie Bartek Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) 830.569.2232 Pleasanton
Special Emphasis Programs