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Tennessee Developed Engineering Software

Engineering Tools and Resources

In the table below is the approved list of Tennessee NRCS developed engineering software for use in Tennessee.  This list is dynamic and will be updated as existing software is revised and new software is added to the list.  Engineering computer software, developed by Tennessee NRCS employees and used by NRCS employees, not on the approved list should be sent to the State Conservation Engineer (SCE) for review and approval.  The use of any engineering software not on the approved state list or is discouraged, but will be acceptable provided the results are checked by an approved method.

Nationally approved software is not listed on this web page.  NRCS employees can access NRCS nationally approved software from the Information Technology Center (ITC) Website  Support for NRCS nationally approved engineering software should be obtained through the State Conservation Engineer.

Non-NRCS employees can obtain NRCS software from the website

Use of Engineering Software

Engineering software is a tool that can be used in the planning, design, and certification of conservation practices and can vastly increase the employee's productivity and quality of work. However, individuals using engineering computer software should have a working knowledge of the software and know the software's limitations prior to using it.  Use of engineering software for specific jobs is the responsibility of the user and is subject to the individual's engineering job approval authority.  Users of engineering software should not "blindly" accept the answers, but should know if the results are appropriate results for the situation.  Training in use of the approved engineering software should be requested through appropriate channels.

Errors found in the approved engineering software and/or recommendations for improving the software should be sent to the SCE, Robert.Anderson.

The following programs and documents are available in Adobe Acrobat, or Microsoft Excel format where noted. Run the xls files from your computer. Place the xls file on your computer by clicking on file and selecting “Save” or by right clicking on the xls file and select “safe target as”::





Cattle Panel Drop Structure Design (XLSM; 3484 KB) Designs and Prints Drawings for Cattle Panel Grade Stabilization Drop Structures (Requires Microsoft Excel 2007) 1.7 (02/2012) (PDF; 59 KB)
Cattle Panel Drop Structure Design (XLS; 4962 KB) Designs and Prints Drawings for Cattle Panel Grade Stabilization Drop Structures (Earlier Versions of Excel) 1.5 (04/09) (PDF; 33 KB)
Pipeline_livestock (XLS; 372 KB) Design pipelines for livestock watering systems 1.16 (10/06)  
WASCOB (XLSM; 1740 KB) Design water and sediment control basins 5/2014