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Printing Soil Map Legends

Follow the steps below to print soil map unit legends from the Soil Data Mart. Clicking on the links will open an example in a new window.

  1. Navigate to the Soil Data Mart Web site
  2. Highlight your county and click "Select Survey Area" 
  3. Click on "Generate Reports"
  4. Select the map units to be included in the report by holding the "Ctrl" key and selecting the corresponding squares on the left of the page with the left mouse button.
    • To select several sequential map units, left click and drag
  5. Click on the gray pull down box below the map unit list and select select the report "Map Unit Legend"
  6. Check the box "Rich Text Format" to open the report in Microsoft Word. If the box is not checked, the report will default to Adobe Acrobat PDF.

    Note: either format allows printing and saving the file

  7. Finally, to view the report in the chosen format, click on the "Generate Report" button