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WRP Forms

Click here for an explanation of how these forms should be used in the WRP application process and to learn about the WRP program in Tennessee.

The following forms are used as applicable during the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) application process. For more information about the WRP and assistance in filling out these forms, contact your local USDA Service Center.

The following documents are available in Adobe Acrobat, format:

  • CPA-1200 (PDF; 96 KB) - Application for Long-Term Contracted Assistance   New!
  • AD-1154 (PDF; 107 KB) - Long-Term Agreement
  • AD-1155 (PDF; 96 KB) - Conservation Plan Schedule of Operations
  • AD-1156 (PDF; 88 KB) - Revision of Plan or Schedule of Operations or Modification of a Contract
  • LPT-31 (PDF; 38 KB) - Option Agreement to Purchase  New!
  • AD-1158 (PDF; 83 KB) - Subordination Agreement and Limited Lien Waiver
  • AD-1160 (PDF; 92 KB) - Compatible Use Authorization
  • AD-1161 (PDF; 249 KB) - Application for Payment
  • SF-1199A (PDF; 113 KB) - Direct Deposit Sign-up Form
  • CCC-1255 (PDF; 45 KB) (30-Year) Warranty Easement Deed (Example)
  • CCC-1255 (PDF; 42 KB) Warranty Easement Deed (Example)
  • CP-09 (PDF; 70 KB) Power of Attorney
  • CPA-08 (PDF; 106 KB) Request for Certified Wetland Request
  • Hazardous Waste Materials Form (PDF; 181 KB)

Program Contact

Tate Jenkins Tate Jenkins
Easement Specialist -- GRP Coordinator
(615) 277-2557


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