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Global Population Density Map

Population Density Map

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  • Key Words: global population map, population density
  • About the Map: The Population Density map identifies global human population density classes for 1994.
  • Possible Uses of the Map: Useful for teachers and students who are interested in the global population density distribution. Global modelers may be able to use the data for small scale analysis.
  • Source: Tobler, W., V. Deichmann, J. Gottsegen, and K. Maloy. 1995. The global demography project. Technical Report TR-95-6. National Center for Geographic Information analysis. Univ. Santa Barbara, CA. 75 pp.
  • Data Aggregation and Reliability: The Population Density map data is rasterized on a 2 minute grid cell.
  • Data Definitions: Six classes are defined. Persons/sq. km.
  • Data Disclaimer: Data does not extend beyond 68 degrees N latitude. Country boundaries are not authoritative.
  • Database Manager: Paul Reich, Geographer, World Soil Resources. Email:
Map Production Information
  • Map Identification: popden.jpg
  • Production Date: 2000
  • Geographic Coverage: Global
  • Projection: Geographic
  • Minimum Scale: 1:5,000,000