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Soil Regions Map of Afghanistan

Soil Regions of Afghanistan map

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  • Key Words: Afghanistan, soil map
  • About the Map: This is a compiled map with no ground control. The polygons were drawn on a 1:1 million Operational Navigation Chart, using contour lines to demarcate areas. The soil moisture and temperature regimes were estimated using a water-balance model and climatic data for 33 stations. These moisture and temperature zones were demarcated on the topographic maps. Within each climatic zone, prominent landforms were demarcated. Using the few published soil information and information from neighboring countries, soil associations were allocated to the polygons.
  • Possible Uses of the Map: The map was developed for strategic national planning.
  • Source: Soil map and soil climate map, USDA-NRCS, Soil Science Division, World Soil Resources, Washington D.C.
  • Data Aggregation and Reliability: The composition of the polygons is not reliable and on-site observations with detailed field assessment must be made prior to other uses of the map.
  • Data Definitions: Twenty-five soil regions are defined based on soil great groups and soil moisture and temperature regimes.
  • Data Disclaimer: Country boundaries are not authoritative.
  • Database Manager: Paul Reich, Geographer, World Soil Resources. Email:
Map Production Information
  • Map Identification: afghanistan-soil.jpg
  • Production Date: November 2001
  • Geographic Coverage: Country
  • Projection: Geographic
  • Minimum Scale: 1:1,000,000

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