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Information for NRCS Employees

Because of the way PDF files are delivered to computers on the NRCS network, archived soil surveys commonly cause Internet Explorer 11 to lock up on NRCS computers. Currently, the only reliable solution is to use Firefox with the Acrobat Reader plugin.

Installing Firefox

NRCS users can click on Start | All Programs | Microsoft System Center | Configuration | Software Center. It looks like the following.

Screen capture showing the Software Center menu.

Once the Software Center opens, click on “Find additional applications from the Application Catalog.” Then, in the “Search Application Catalog” box, type “Firefox” and click the search icon.

Screen capture showing the Search Application Catalog dialog box.

It should return the following:

Screen capture showing the Firefox search results.

Click the INSTALL button.

If the installation doesn’t work, put in a Remedy ticket or ask your local CTS to add you to the AIOG-Deploy-Firefox-Install group. If you don’t see the Firefox in the software center, ask CTS to add you to that group first.

In some cases, you may be asked for justification for installing Firefox. The justification for this situation is “I need Firefox installed so that I can open PDFs on the USDA-NRCS websites. Internet Explorer does not work properly with opening PDFs. The helpdesk has looked into this issue, and the solution is to use Firefox.”

Configuring Firefox

After Firefox is installed, click here for directions on how to configure Firefox to run the Acrobat Reader plugin. Acrobat Reader is standard on CCE computers.

If you still have problems with the detailed soil maps, please email for assistance.

(last updated 3/30/2016)