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National Cooperative Soil Survey - Committees

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To apply for a chair vacancy, contact your Regional Liaison:

Map of the Regions



Ad Hoc and Additional Standing Committees

Area Chair Co-Chair(s)
  Hydric Soils

Lenore Vasilas (NRCS)

Manuel Matos (NRCS) and Jacob Berkowitz (Army)
  Hydric Soils
  Subaqueous Soils
  Urban Soils

Donald Parizek (NRCS)
Maggie Payne (NRCS)
Jacob Isleib (NRCS)

Marty Rabenhorst (Univ. of Maryland)
David Steinmann (NRCS)
Joshua Cheng (Brooklyn College)
North Central
  Hydric Soils and

Colby Moorberg (Kansas State)

Jennifer Smith (NRCS)
  Hydric Soils
  Coastal Zone &
    Subaqueous Soils

Dr. Michael Vepraskas (NC State)
Dr. Matthew Ricker (NC State)

Casey Sowell (NRCS)
Stacey Kloesel (NRCS)
  Hydric Soils

Aaron Miller (NRCS)




Proposes, solicits, and reviews changes to the bylaws. This committee meets as needed based on proposals brought forward by NCSS members.

Area Chair Co-Chair(s)
National Jennifer Mason (NRCS) Rick Strait (NRCS)
Northeast Debbie Surabian (NRCS) Ivan Fernandez (Univ. of Maine)
North Central Sam Indorante (Southern Illinois)  
South Edgar Mersiovsky (NRCS) Dr. Kristofor (Kris) Brye (Univ. of Arkansas)
West Alex Dado (NRCS) Amy Koch (NRCS)




Reviews, identifies, and prioritizes interpretation needs and delivery methods for soils and ecological site information.

Area Chair Co-Chair(s)
National Bob Dobos (NRCS) Colby Moorberg (Kansas State)
Northeast Alan Moore (NRCS) Meredith Albers (NRCS)
North Central Patrick Chase (NRCS) Ron Collman (NRCS)
South Richard Reid (NRCS) Dr. Anna Paltseva (Univ. of Louisiana Lafayette)
West Steve Campbell (NRCS)  



Research Priorities

Reviews, identifies, and prioritizes research needs that meet the NCSS objectives.

Area Chair Co-Chair(s)
National Skye Wills (NRCS) Karen Vaughan (Univ. of Wyoming)
Northeast Edwin Muniz (NRCS) Justin Richardson (Univ. of Massachusetts)
North Central Tiffany Carter (NRCS) Bradley Miller (Iowa State)
South Dr. Matthew Levi (Univ. of Georgia) Kamara Holmes (NRCS)
West Rebecca Lybrand (Univ. of California) Cynthia Stiles (NRCS)



Soil and Ecosystem Dynamics

Reviews, identifies, and prioritizes data needs, data collection, data storage, standards, and dissemination methods related to ecological site descriptions and dynamic soil properties.

Area Chair Co-Chair(s)
National Curtis Talbot (NRCS) Joel Brown (NRCS) and Jim Thompson (West Virginia Univ.)
Northeast Nels Barrett (NRCS) Patrick Drohan (Penn State Univ.)
North Central Mark Abney (NRCS) Nathan Jones (NRCS)
South Charles Stemmans (NRCS) Dr. Patrick Hiesl (Clemson)
West Kirt Walstad (NRCS) Marji Patz (NRCS)




Solicits and reviews proposed changes to existing handbooks, manuals, and soil database elements. The committee proposes new standards with input from the NCSS.

Area Chair Co-Chair(s)
National Kevin Norwood (NRCS) Ron McCormick (BLM) and Andy Colter (USFS)
Northeast Milton Vega (NRCS) Jenwei Tsai (Dover, Delaware)
North Central Dan Wing (NRCS) John Warner (NRCS)
South Jo Parsley (NRCS) Dr. Engil Pereira (Univ. of Texas Rio Grande Valley)
West David White (NRCS) Daniel Perkins (NRCS)




Organizes and oversees the conference.

Area Chair(s) Co-Chair(s)
National Dave Lindbo (NRCS), Pam Thomas (NRCS), Joey Shaw (Auburn Univ.), and Chris Davis (NRCS)  
Northeast Phillip King (NRCS) Bruce Vasilas (Univ. of Delaware)
North Central Marty Rosek (NRCS)  
South Kristine Ryan (NRCS) Dr. Dara Park (Clemson)
West Alex Dado (NRCS) Stephanie Ewing (Montana State Univ.)
Vince Archer (USFS)




Proposes, solicits, and reviews taxonomy updates. It provides a forum to discuss proposed changes and distributes discussion notes.

Area Chair Co-Chair(s)
National Dan Wing (NRCS) Janis Boettinger (Utah State) and Mark Stolt (Univ. of Rhode Island)
Northeast Milton Vega (NRCS) Jenwei Tsai (Dover, Delaware)
North Central Matt Bromley (NRCS) John Warner (NRCS)
South Wayne Gabriel (NRCS) Dr. Joey Shaw (Auburn Univ.)
West Kari Sever (NRCS) Quinn Lively (NRCS)




Reviews, identifies, and prioritizes technological advances that promote the objectives of all partners.

Area Chair Co-Chair(s)
National Drew Kinney (NRCS) Toby O’Geen (Univ. of California-Davis)
Northeast Wendy Noll (NRCS) Jim Thompson (West Virginia Univ.)
North Central Kevin Godsey (NRCS) John Hammerly (NRCS)
South Alex Stum (NRCS) Dr. Briana Wyatt (Texas A&M Univ.)
West Nate Starman (NRCS) Daniel Perkins (NRCS)