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2012 Western Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference

June 25-28, 2012
Davis, California

“It All Builds on Soil!  Practical Applications of Soil Surveys for Land Management Decision-Making”

In 2012, land managers are faced with heightened challenges regarding soil resources management in relation to limited fiscal resources in all sectors of the economy. Reorganization at the federal level, in particular, requires planning for a reduced and more efficient workforce, which demands more efficient and practical tools to deliver services. The academic community is experiencing significant contraction in research funding programs as well. Key to economic recovery is the private sector, which will play an increasingly important role in the years ahead by way of applied land conservation techniques. A close working relationship between federal, state, and local government, in conjunction with academia and private industry, is essential to continued land stewardship.

At the Western Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference in Davis, California, the goal is to explore ways to provide practical soil technical guidance to resource managers. Please join the discussion of contemporary research and applied technology as a means to achieve enhanced soil health, water and air quality, and water quantity to improve landscape function in the face of increasing societal demands.

Photo of the Phoenix Dust Cloud (2011).

Welcome to the Wild and Dusty West!
(Phoenix Dust Cloud, 2011)



Photo of Field Trip area.

The Wednesday field trip will include stops at:

  1. Sierra Farms – sustainable practices related to orchard and row crops. Our host, Mr. Craig McNamara, will present his award-winning techniques in farming and teaching practical, sustainable agricultural.

  2. Old terrace soils, eastern Central Valley - discussion of clay pan / duripan soil morphology, use and management for wildlife habitat, range, agriculture, and urbanization.

  3. Lava Cap Winery – viticultural relations of upland soils (Ultisols) and influence (“Terrior”) of different soil series on grape varietals. These soils are also among the highest timber producers in the Sierra Nevada.


Online registration

  • Full Registration - $200
  • Meeting Only Registation - $150
  • Student Registration - $50
  • Last day to register - Sunday, June 17


  • The maximum size is 4' x 4' and two can fit on each side of the board.


Directions to Conference Center:

Link to UC Davis arboretum map:

Map of the UC-Davis Conference Center.


Lodging in Davis is distributed among several hotels located within walking distance of the Conference Center on the UC Davis campus, as well as local cafes and restaurants in the downtown area. For the preferred lodging rate, let the hotels know that you are registering with the WRNSS Conference (NRCS SOILS).                 

Hallmark Inn Davis
110 “F” Street
Davis, CA 95616
Cut-off date: May 25
20 rooms (singles for $100; doubles for $149)

La Quinta Inn & Suites
1771 Research Park
Davis, CA 95616
Cut-off date: June 4
30 rooms (king; two queens or two doubles;
king with pull-out couch)

University Lodge (Best Western)
123 “B” Street
Davis, CA 95616
32 rooms (queen for $89; two doubles for $92)

Econo Lodge
221 D Street
Davis, CA 95616
Cut-off date: June 4
3 rooms (king)

Comfort Suites
Palm Court Hotel (Best Western)
234 “D” Street
Davis, CA 95616