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2006 West Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference Posters

Poster Title Author(s)
Creating Joins Digitally On the Chinle Soil Survey on the Navajo Nation (PDF; 3.8 MB)

Abstract (DOC; 30 KB)
Anne Meloy
Digital Map Compilation of the Ft. Defiance Soil Survey on the Navajo Nation (PDF; 3.8 MB)

Abstract (PDF; 13 KB)
Mary Catherine Manuelito
Dynamic Soil Properties as a Part of Soil Survey Updates:  Illustration of the Utility of the Results from Arches National Park, Utah

Abstract (PDF; 45 KB)
Judy Ward, Arlene Tugel, Jeffrey Herrick, Cathy Scott, Dana Truman, Vic Parslow, Cathy Seybold, Ellis Benham, Pete Biggam
Gradient Analysis of Soil, Vegetation, and Climate on the Tonto National Forest (PDF; 1.5 MB)

Abstract (DOC; 42 KB)
George Robertson, Elizabeth Makings
Guidelines for Sampling for Dynamic Soil Properties for Soil Survey Updates (PDF; 479 KB)

Abstract (DOC; 27 KB)
Arlene Tugel, Judy Ward, Jeffrey Herrick, Pete Biggam, Cathy Seybold, Marta Remmenga, Ellis Benham, Brandon Bestelmeyer, Amanda Moore, Fred Young, Susan Samson-Liebig
*The Impact of Proximal Soil Sensing Prediction Errors on Soil-Landscape Model Parameter Estimation

Abstract (PDF; 12 KB)
Melisa Borino, David Brown, Jennifer Watts, R.A. MacMillan
*Integrating Soil Survey, Research, and Outreach in California’s National Parks

Abstract (PDF; 56 KB)
D.E. Beaudette, A.T. O’Geen, K. Oster, V. Bullard, S. Southard, D. Smith, P. Biggam
*Measuring Electrical Conductivity Using A Low-Power Datalogging System

Abstract (PDF; 11 KB)
Kelly Lewis, Robert Heinse, Richard Austin, Pete Shouse, Scott Jones
*The Mechanistic Spread of Knapweed in Arid Environments

Abstract (DOC; 27 KB)
Leanna Reynolds, Melanie Ballard, Paul Grossl
The National Land and Water Information Service (PDF; 877 KB)

Abstract (DOC; 32 KB)
Elizabeth Kenney, Sharon Ramsay
Pedon CE & Pedon PC Demonstrations (PDF; 879 KB) Alan Price
A Photogrammetric Method for Collecting Three-Dimensional Soil Surface Data

Abstract (DOC; 24 KB)
Neffra Matthews, Tom Noble, William Ypsilantis
Soil Survey of the United States:  National Cooperative Soil Survey Committees and Partnerships (PDF; 2.4 MB) Maxine Levin, Hari Eswaran, Micheal Golden
Status of NRIS-Terra/NASIS Coordination Project (PDF; 168 KB) Alan Price
The Status of Soil Surveys on the Navajo Nation (PDF; 429 KB)

Abstract (PDF; 14 KB)
Mary Catherine Manuelito, Anne Meloy
*Vegetation Influences on Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics in Arid, Hyperthermic Ecosystems

Abstract (DOC; 22 KB)
David White, Craig Rasmussen
*Volcanic Soils in Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Idaho

Abstract (DOC; 22 KB)
Karen Castenson, Paul McDaniel, David Hoover, Anita Falen
*Water Application Rate Influence on Solute Removal from Soil Aggregates

Abstract (PDF; 11 KB)
Romulus Okwany, Scott Jones
*Water Retention Relationship of a Porous Medium for TDR-Based Matric Potential Probes

Abstract (DOC; 21 KB)
Jill Flores
Web Soil Survey - User Survey and Hats (PDF; 2.1 MB) Linda Green

* Denotes a student paper, WSSS submission