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2006 Southern Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference

Oklahoma City, OK

June 11-16, 2006

The 2006 Southern Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference (SRCSSC) was held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, from June 11-16, 2006.  The conference provided an excellent forum for National Cooperative Soil Survey members and visitors to share data, information and ideas.

The NRCS Oklahoma State Conservationist was also an active participant throughout most conference activities.

A strong contingent of engineers attended and participated in the 2006 conference. Their major concentration and participation efforts were focused on the Soil Interpretations Standing Committee.  They recommended that NCSS expand their standard soil survey interpretations to include a wider variety of irrigation systems.

The conference theme was “Reconnecting and Enhancing the National Cooperative Soil Survey Partnership”.

An end-of-the conference field trip to historic Fort Reno Agriculture Research Service (ARS) Grazing Lands Research Station was held.  The Grazing Lands Unit Research Leader and others briefed the group on current cutting edge research projects in progress and narrated a short bus tour of the station to view interesting aspects of ongoing research. Following the visit to historic Fort Reno, the group spent the remainder of the day in the field discussing the development of Ecological Site Descriptions for forest and rangeland sites.  Discussions were facilitated by forester James Robinson and range conservationist Homer Sanchez from the Central National Technology Support Center located in Fort Worth, TX.

The meetings took place at the Clarion Meridian Hotel and Conference Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The next SRCSSC will be held at a location in Florida in 2008.