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2004 Western Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference - Field Trips

Snake River Ecosystems – A view from a river raft

Raft floating down Snake River

This tour was an 8 mile raft trip on the Upper Canyon of the Snake River. The tour conducted by local tour guide with opportunities to view wildlife and riparian ecosystems along the river. Emphasis on local soil and landscape settings.

Soil Field Tour

Several peaks of the Grand Tetons

A field tour led by Kenneth L. Pierce, U.S. Geological Survey. This tour is a one day, 10-stop subset of a multi-day tour prepared for the Friends of the Pleistocene in 1992. The stops illustrate some of the striking glacial features in and around the Jackson Hole region. The original 3-day tour is documented in USGS Open File Report 92-504, “Field Guide to the Quaternary Geology of Jackson Hole, Wyoming,” by Kenneth J. Pierce and John D. Good.