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2004 Western Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference - Agenda

“Soil Surveys and the Challenges of Natural Resources Management”

People preparing for a rafting trip

Sunday June 13, 2004
Monday June 14, 2004
Tuesday June 15, 2004
Wednesday June 16, 2004
Thursday June 17, 2004
Friday June 18, 2004


Sunday June 13, 2004

7:30am-11:30am: Snake River Ecosystems – A view from a river raft

Monday June 14, 2004

Moderator: Craig Ditzler

Time Title/Activity Presenter Links
7:00am-8:30am Registration    
8:30am-8:45am Introductory Remarks Darrell Schroeder, NRCS  
8:45am-9:00am Welcome Lincoln “Ed” Burton, NRCS, Wyoming State Conservationist  
Time Partner Reports Presenter/Location Links
9:00am-9:15am Agricultural Experiment Station Bob Graham, UC Riverside  
9:15am-9:30am Bureau of Land Management Bill Ypsilantis, BLM Paper (DOC; 49.5 KB)
9:30am-9:45am Natural Resources Conservation Service Robert Ahrens, NRCS  
9:45am-10:00am BREAK
10:00am-10:30am Forest Service Jeff Bruggink, FS Paper (DOC; 42.5 KB)
10:30am-10:45am Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts Leron Allred, WACD Board of Directors  
10:45am-11:00am National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists Barry Dutton, Land and Water Inc. Paper (DOC; 25.5 KB)
11:00am-11:15am Tribal Liaison Gary Collins, Tribal Water Engineers Office  
11:15am-11:30am Conference Structure and Function Task Force Report Randy Southard, UC Davis Paper (DOC; 28.0 KB)
1:00pm-1:30pm Carbon Sequestration Research on Rangeland Soils Gerald Schuman, ARS Paper (DOC; 126 KB)
1:30pm-2:00pm Ecological Site Concepts Joel Brown, NRCS Paper (DOC; 27.0 KB)
2:00pm-2:30pm Sampling Dynamic Soil Properties for Soil Surveys: Lessons Learned Arlene Tugel, NRCS Paper (DOC; 31.7 KB)
2:30pm-3:00pm BREAK
3:00pm-3:30pm Soil Survey Enhancements for Natural Resource Management Case Studies from the Southwestern US Jeff Herrick, ARS; Doug Merkler, NRCS Paper (DOC; 1.48 MB)
4:00pm-4:30pm National Soil Interpretations Advisory Group Report Darrell Kautz, NRCS  
4:30pm-4:35pm Smithsonian Soil Exhibit Update Patrick Drohan, University of Nevada - Las Vegas Paper (DOC; 24.5 KB)
4:35pm-4:45pm Proposal from (USCSSA) (SSSA) to be a participating member of the NCSS Conference Steering Committee Cameron Loerch, NRCS  

Tuesday June 15, 2004

Moderator: Eric Winthers

Time Title/Activity Presenter Links
8:00am-8:30am Wyoming Soil Survey Using PURC Modeling Nephi Cole, NRCS  
8:30am-9:00am GIS-based Mapping of Soil Distribution in Thunder Creek Watershed, North Cascades National Park Crystal Briggs, Washington State University Paper (DOC; 793 KB)
9:00am-9:30am Rules-based Soil and Landscape Classification Bob MacMillan, Land Mapper Environmental Solutions Paper (DOC; 3.26 MB)
9:30am-10:00am Taking GIS to the Field Corey Meier, NRCS Paper (DOC; 25.0 KB)
10:30am-11:00am Using Digital Orthophoto Quads to Identify Potentially Erodible Soils Robert Davidson, FS Paper (DOC; 4.56 MB)
11:00am-11:30am Opportunities for Interagency Collaboration on Redesign of the TEUO Toolkit Haans Fisk, FS; Henry Lachowski, FS  
1:00pm-1:30pm Arizona SoLIM test Eric Wolfbrandt, NRCS Paper (DOC; 28.9 KB)
1:30pm-2:00pm Proposed Carbonate Terminology Changes for the Soil Survey Manual Curtis Monger, New Mexico State University  
2:00pm-2:30pm Quaternary Geology of Jackson Hole Ken Pierce, USGS  
Time Committee Breakout Sessions Links
3:15pm-5:15pm New Technology Committee  
Standards Committee  
Research Needs Committee  
Conference Participation Committee  
Bylaws Committee  
  Poster Session/Demo's/Social Hour Links
  Soil Data Mart Tom Weber  
Development of a Native Vegetation databases linked with Soil Survey SSURGO databases Darwin Jeppesen  
Monitoring Active Carbon after Forest Management D.S. Page-Dumrose  
Estimating Losses of Soil Carbon and Nitrogen from Fire in Mid- to Late- Successional Forest Stands of the Northwestern USA D.S. Page-Dumrose  
Bringing the Storie Index Into The 21st Century Susan B. Southard, Anthony Toby O'geen  
Soil Landscape Studies in Alberta and B.C., 1996 - 2004 R.A. (Bob) MacMillan, T.W. Goddard, W.W. Pettapiece  
Improving Project-Level Soil Interpretations Using Geospatial Technologies Don Fallon  

Wednesday June 16, 2004

8:00am to 4:30pm: Soil Field Tour

Thursday June 17, 2004

Moderator: Ann Puffer

Time Title/Activity Presenter Links
8:00am-8:20am New Technology Committee Report Bill Ypsilantis, BLM Paper (DOC; 94.5 KB)
8:20am-8:40am Research Needs Committee Report Paul McDaniel, U. of Idaho; Curtis Monger, New Mexico State Univ. Paper (DOC; 27.0 KB)
8:40am-9:00am Soil Survey Standards Committee Report Duane Lammers, FS; Steve Park, NRCS Paper 1 (DOC; 135 KB)
Paper 2 (DOC; 2.31 MB)
9:00am-9:20am Enhancing Agricultural Experiment Station Conference Participation Report Bob Graham, UC Riverside Paper (DOC; 22 KB)
9:20am-9:40am Bylaws Committee Report Cameron Loerch, NRCS 2004 Bylaws (DOC; 76.5 KB)
9:40am-10:00am Group Discussion of Committee Reports Group  
10:30am-11:00am Sustainable Rangeland Roundtable Soil and Water Indicators Mike “Sherm” Karl, BLM  
11:00am-11:30am The Value of Basic Field and Lab Data in Soil Survey Jennifer Harden, USGS  
11:30am-1:00pm LUNCHEON –Lodge Room Soil Scientist Award Doug Merkler
"The Morning After the Day Before: Lessons About Current Climate from the Wind River Range." Guest Speaker - Charles Love, Western Wyoming Community College  
1:00pm-1:30pm Soil Geochemistry Spatial Data: Website and Future Plans Rebecca Burt, NRCS  
1:30pm-2:00pm U.S. Soil Taxonomy I Relation to the IUSS World Reference Base (WRB) System of Classifying Soils Paul McDaniel, University of Idaho  
2:30pm-3:00pm Utah State University Cooperation with NRCS, BLM, and FS to Advance Soil Survey in the Western U.S. Janis Boettinger, Utah State Univ.  
3:00pm-3:30pm Update on NCSS Marketing Activities Gary Muckel, NRCS Paper (DOC; 47.5 KB)
3:30pm-3:45pm Business Meeting Darrell Schroeder, NRCS Minutes (DOC; 76.5 KB)
Time Agency Breakout Sessions
3:45pm-5:00pm Natural Resources Conservation Service
Forest Service
Agricultural Experiment Station
Bureau of Land Management

Friday June 18, 2004

8:00am to 4:30pm: West Regional NCSS Steering Team Meeting