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2006 Applied Technology Committee - Computer Program Applications

Category Type Activity Contact
Computer Programs ECOMAP Use of the National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units (ECOMAP) in the map unit design for Denali National Park. Use of a descriptive soil map unit naming convention, as well as the development of a hierarchy of soil map units that can be utilized based upon variable landscape scales. Development of a stand alone field database to store a variety of soil properties and vegetation data collected during the mapping process, and linking this data to a NASIS SSURGO download for Denali National Park. Pete Biggam
Computer Programs Orthorectification The BIA hired a private contractor to orthorectify the field sheets for the Fort Defiance Soil Survey to create the maps for digital finishing. The field sheets were orthorectified using proprietary software. Soil lines were extracted by modifying line values and selecting for those values. Tara Manuelito