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Ecological Site Information


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Ecological Sites provide a consistent framework for classifying and describing rangeland and forestland soils and vegetation; thereby delineating land units that share similar capabilities to respond to management activities or disturbance. Ecological Site Descriptions are being developed for forests, freshwater wetlands, grasslands, and salt marshes in Soil Survey Region 6.

What are Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs)?

Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs) are reports that provide detailed information about a particular kind of land — a distinctive Ecological Site.

ESDs include site-specific management information about natural vegetation, weeds, forestry, grazing, wildlife, and dynamic soil properties. Land managers can use this information to evaluate land suitability and respond to different management activities or disturbance processes.

Where can I find Ecological Site Description Reports?

Ecosystem Dynamics Interpretive ToolEcosystem Dynamics Interpretive ToolEcosystem Dynamics Interpretive Tool (EDIT)

NRCS Ecological Site Descriptions are stored and accessed within Ecosystem Dynamics Interpretive Tool (EDIT).


Ecological Site Description and Web Soil SurveyWeb Soil SurveyWeb Soil Survey

If your interest is to obtain soil and ESD information for your farm, ranch, or other lands, then use the NRCS Web Soil Survey application.  You can create your personal Area of Interest (AOI) and view, save, and print maps and reports providing soil and ecological site information defining your specific piece of land. 




Below is a link to the published soil surveys for the United States and surrounding territories.