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Supplementary Imagery for Ag Handbook 296

This photo gallery provides supplementary imagery for U.S. Department of Agriculture Handbook 296, Land Resource Regions and Major Land Resource Areas of the United States, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Basin. Images include landscapes photos, soil profiles, and landscape diagrams. To identify a major land resource area of interest, see the handbook.

Land Resource Regions

| D | E | F | G | H | K | L | M | N | O | P | R | S | T | U | W1 | W2 | X1 | X2 | Y |

D—Western Range and Irrigated Region

E—Rocky Mountain Range and Forest Region

F—Northern Great Plains Spring Wheat Region

G—Western Great Plains Range and Irrigated Region

H—Central Great Plains Winter Wheat and Range Region

K—Northern Lake States Forest and Forage Region

L—Lake States Fruit, Truck Crop, and Dairy Region

M—Central Feed Grains and Livestock Region

N—East and Central Farming and Forest Region

O—Mississippi Delta Cotton and Feed Grains Region

P—South Atlantic and Gulf Slope Cash Crops, Forest, and Livestock Region

R—Northeastern Forage and Forest Region

S—Northern Atlantic Slope Diversified Farming Region

T—Atlantic and Gulf Coast Lowland Forest and Crop Region

U—Florida Subtropical Fruit, Truck Crop, and Range Region

W1—Southern Alaska

W2—Aleutian Alaska

X1—Interior Alaska

X2—Western Alaska

Y—Northern Alaska