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NSSH Amendment 22

February 2012

This is a summary of changes to the National Soil Survey Handbook (NSSH). The official copy of the NSSH is in HTML format and MSWord files at Selected parts are also on eDirectives at

Part 647 – Soil Map Development

  1. The entire part was converted into the style guide required for documents on eDirectives. This conversion involved deleting the Table of Contents page, separation into a Subpart A for General Information and Subpart B for Exhibits, changing the outline format in Subpart A, and relabeling all exhibits to add section numbers.
  2. Sections 647.03 (Compilation), 647.04 (Compilation Techniques), and 647.05 (Recompilation for Digitizing) are deleted. Pertinent guidance has been moved to new Sections 647.4 (Data Capture Specifications) and 647.6 (Digital Map Finishing and Print-on-Demand Maps).
  3. Sections retained have been updated and renumbered.
  4. Exhibits 647-1, 647-2, 647-3, 647-4, 647-6, 647-7, 647-8, and 647-9 are deleted.
  5. The exhibits that were retained, updated, and renumbered are 647-5 (now in Subpart B, Section 647.10), 647-10 (now in Subpart B, Section 647.13), 647-11 (now in Subpart B, Section 647.14), 647-12 (now in Subpart B, Section 647.15), and 647-13 (now in Subpart B, Section 647.16).
  6. Subject index was updated.