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The Post Guy Smith Interviews

Advances in Soil Taxonomy Since the Mid-1980s

In 1986, the Guy Smith Interviews: Rationale for Concepts in Soil Taxonomy was published with the objective of providing the reasons behind the definitions in Soil Taxonomy. Since then, much work has been undertaken across wide geographic and climatic areas that have expanded the breadth of Soil Taxonomy. The purpose of the “Post-Guy Smith Interviews” is to capture the concepts developed both in the United States and internationally since the mid-80s by interviewing the pedologists working on these concepts. These interviews will be published in the NCSS Newsletter and on this website until enough have accumulated to justify a printed volume. We extend an invitation to soil scientists across the world who have worked on Soil Taxonomy to submit an interview that helps us better understand Soil Taxonomy in its current state. Please submit suggestions for or conducted interviews to Dr. Curtis Monger, National Leader, Soil Survey Standards at

  • Professor Emeritus Dr. Larry P. Wilding Interview (PDF; 85 KB) — Dr. Wilding, Texas A&M University, has a long and distinguished career in soil survey as a professor, researcher, and cooperator in the NCSS. This interview was conducted on February 5, 2016.