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The Twelve Orders of Soil Taxonomy

Click on each soil order for a high-resolution, printable PDF file.  For a high resolution PDF version of the entire poster, click on the title on the right side of the poster.  (All of these links are also listed below.)

Twelve Orders of Soil Taxonomy poster.AlfisolsAndisolsAridisolsEntisolsGelisolsHistosolsInceptisolsMollisolsOxisolsSpodosolsUltisolsVertisols12 Orders

Alfisols Andisols Aridisols Entisols Gelisols Histosols Inceptisols Mollisols Oxisols Spodosols Ultisols Vertisols The 12 Orders of Soil Taxonomy high-resolution poster

The Twelve Orders of Soil Taxonomy (PDF; 16.9 MB) -- high-resolution of poster (print at 200%, 24" x 36")
Alfisols (PDF; 918 KB)
Andisols (PDF; 679 KB)
Aridisols (PDF; 810 KB)
Entisols (PDF; 634 KB)
Gelisols (PDF; 569 KB)
Histosols (PDF; 750 KB)
Inceptisols (PDF; 877 KB)
Mollisols (PDF; 868 KB)
Oxisols (PDF; 677 KB)
Spodosols (PDF; 570 KB)
Ultisols (PDF; 906 KB)
Vertisols (PDF; 612 KB)