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Java Newhall Simulation Model (jNSM)

A Traditional Soil Climate Simulation Model

Release Notes for version 1.6.1Java Newhall (Soil Climate) Simulation Model climograph for Williamsport, PA during the dust bowl year of 1930.


User Guide


Public Software Download (ZIP; 15.4 MB)


  • This runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems, Java update 6.0. If you have a newer version of Java, revert to version 6.0.
  • Does not work on Windows 10 Operating System.


Webinar (YouTube)

Sample Input Weather Station Datasets

  • Empty Batch Input Templates: English – MS Excel (11 KB) and Metric – MS Excel (20 KB)
  • One weather station, many single year climate records – MS Excel (37 KB) and CSV (23 KB)
  • Many weather stations, single summary of 30 years of climate records (1971-2000 Normal) – MS Excel (1.29 MB) and CSV (1.03 MB)

Sample Output (XML; 4 KB)

Useful Climate Data and Information Sources