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Web Soil Survey 3.4.0

Masthead for Web Soil Survey.

  1. Added “Ecological Sites” Tab to Soil Data Explorer Page
  2. Bug Fixes

Added “Ecological Sites” Tab to Soil Data Explorer Page

The “Ecological Sites ” inner tab has been added to Soil Data Explorer page to display ecological site information. View a thematic map and a table and add them both to the Printable Version and Shopping Cart.   The thematic map displays the dominant NRCS ecological site for each map unit, using the dominant condition aggregation method.  The table is displayed below the map and shows all ecological sites that occur in each map unit.  Within the table, users can click on the ecological site to open the full ecological site descriptions in the USDA-NRCS Ecosystem Dynamics Interpretative Tool (EDIT). 

Bug Fixes

Incorrect links for the “Frequently Asked Questions”, “Known Problems”, and “Tips and Shortcuts” pages have been fixed.